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We Offer a variety of Courses.  We welcome the opportunity to customize one of our courses to meet your needs. Our lead instructor has over ten years of experience training law enforcement officers and academy cadets in firearms, use of force, legal statutes and anti-terrorism related coursework.
In addition to our firearms training courses, we offer training content review.  If you are interested in training others, we will help you deliver an exciting and Our reviewer is certified through the International Association of Directors of Law Enforcement Standards and Training.
If you have any questions regarding your training needs please contact us here.


Our courses include:

Gunslinger 101

New to shooting? This 2-hour firearms safety course will teach you the basics from firearms safety to firearms maintenance.  Anyone will benefit from learning the basics.  This class will cover:
Basic firearms safety
Shooting fundamentals
Basic Firearms Maintenance
Tuition: $50

License To Carry

This 4-hour course is the first step to obtaining a Texas LTC.  The cost of the course covers the tuition for the class, a meal if one is served during the class and range fees.  The tuition does not cover ammunition, firearm or other fees not expressly stated.  This course is not for beginning shooters.  Individual classes available.  This course covers:
Texas Use of Force Law
Texas Firearms Law
Safe Storage of Firearms
Non-Violent Dispute Resolution
Tuition: $80

Advanced Handgun Operator

This 6-hour course is a must-have for anyone who has a License to Carry.  This class goes beyond standing still and shooting at paper targets five yards away.  The participant must be prepared to move and work their firearm.  This class will cover:
Carrying your handgun in a concealed manner
Emergency reloads
Shooting on the move
Combat Draws
Combat Marksmanship
Tuition: $100


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Tactical Decision Making

Tactical Decision Making
There is a tactical process used by pilots, soldiers and other tactical decision makers on a daily basis.  This process is called the OODA Loop.  The OODA Loop, as described by Col. John Boyd, began as the process used by fighter pilots during Air Combat Maneuvering, something the average person might refer to as a “dogfight.”  The use of the OODA Loop led to increased victories in air-to-air combat and was eventually expanded outside the pilot community.  Today, the OODA Loop concept is used by military personnel, armed civilians, law enforcement, security and even drivers to make quick decisions.   So what’s the problem with the OODA Loop?  Simply put, nothing and everything.
The OODA Loop
The acronym OODA stands for Observe, Orient, Decide and Act.  A person observes their environment.  What they are doing, where they are and those surrounding them.  They also observe the behavior, demeanor and actions of those around them.  Once a problem is identified, the …

Open Carry vs Concealed Carry

Open Carry vs. Concealed Carry This entry is not about starting an argument or finishing one.  When the issue of open carry vs. concealed carry comes up, I’m much more likely to be thinking, “I’m glad you’re carrying,” than arguing about the manner in which you carry.  However, it’s important to constantly examine our reasoning to ensure we aren’t deluding ourselves.  It is important to notice that I am only discussing the carrying of handguns in this article. Concealed Carry There are advantages and disadvantages of concealed carry.  Among the disadvantages are: wearing looser clothing than you normally would; carrying a smaller capacity weapon; having to fight against your concealing garment if you need to draw; Crime statistics are not in your favor if you believe that you are safe from being targeted. The advantages of concealed carry are: people shouldn’t know you are carrying; it is your constitutional right. Open Carry Likewise, there are advantages and disadvantages to open carry. …

Routine Activities Theory and the Armed Citizen

Routine Activities Theory
Routine Activities Theory is a criminological theory that posits that for crime to occur, there must be an offender, a target and an opportunity due to the lack of a competent guardian (Akers & Sellers, 2009).  The question becomes, what is a competent guardian?  For all practical purposes, this guardian does not need to be armed, a licensed security officer or even a living being.  The only requirement is that they effectively overcome the determination of the offender (Akers & Sellers, 2009). 
The Armed Citizen
The armed citizen affects crime rates through being that competent guardian.  Armed citizens are usually more situationally aware than unarmed citizens due to their training and decision to carry a weapon.  It is this conscious effort that causes the armed to be more mindful of the happenings around them.  This mindfulness causes them to observe the world around them with more clarity than they might otherwise have.  It is this observation tha…